The Best Outdoor Garden Plants For Attracting Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures that bring life and beauty to any garden. They’re also great for pollinating flowers and keeping pesky bugs away! If you want to attract these tiny birds to your outdoor garden, there are certain plants you can use.

These plants will give the hummingbirds food, shelter, and a place to rest. In this article, we’ll discuss the best outdoor garden plants for attracting hummingbirds.

Not only are these plants great for hummingbirds, but they also make your outdoor space look even more beautiful! From flowering shrubs to towering trees, there’s something for everyone.

So if you’re looking to add some color and life to your yard, these plants are the perfect choice. Keep reading to learn more about the best outdoor garden plants for attracting hummingbirds!

Flowering Shrubs

Flowering shrubs are great for attracting hummingbirds. Hummingbirds love the nectar from the flowers, so having flowering shrubs in your garden is a surefire way to get them to come around.

Azaleas and rhododendrons are especially popular with hummers and come in a variety of colors. They’re also easy to care for and can survive in most climates, making them one of the best outdoor garden plants for attracting hummingbirds.

Butterfly bushes are also great for drawing hummingbirds into your garden. The long-lasting blooms make this an ideal plant as they flower from spring to fall, providing a constant source of food for the birds. Butterfly bushes come in many different colors and sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly with your landscaping.

If you want even more variety in your garden, consider planting some bee balm or salvias. Both have beautiful flowers that will draw hummingbirds right away and provide them with plenty of nectar throughout the season. Plus, they’re very colorful plants and will add a nice touch to any garden.

All these plants make great additions to any outdoor space and can help create a vibrant bird sanctuary in no time!


Flowering shrubs were a great way to attract hummingbirds, but trees can be just as effective.

Trees are big and tall, so they make it easy for the birds to spot them from far away. Plus, they provide lots of shade, which is perfect for when the sun is too hot.

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Trees like maple, dogwood, and oak all have bright-colored blooms that will attract hummingbirds. These flowers are usually red or yellow in color and look really pretty when they’re in full bloom. They also give off a sweet scent that hummingbirds love!

Trees can be a good choice for those who don’t have much space in their garden. They grow tall and wide so you don’t need to worry about them taking up too much room.

Plus, if you select the right type of tree, it could last for many years to come. So if you’re looking for something that will last a long time then trees may be your best bet!


Hummingbirds love to flit around colorful, fragrant bushes! They bring beauty and life to any garden.

Here are some of the best bushes for attracting hummingbirds:

  • Butterfly Bush: This bushy shrub has vibrant purple flowers that attract a lot of hummingbirds. The blooms have a sweet aroma that is sure to draw in these tiny birds.

  • Mockorange: These small shrubs produce white, fragrant flowers that draw in both hummingbirds and butterflies. The leaves also have a great scent when crushed.

  • Honeysuckle: These vines produce bright yellow or orange flowers that have a strong sweet smell. Hummingbirds can’t resist their nectar!

  • Lilac Bush: Lilacs are known for their signature purple blooms and wonderful fragrance. They attract several different species of hummingbird, which makes them perfect for any garden.

So if you’re looking to add some life to your outdoor space, try planting one of these bushes! You’ll be able to watch as the hummingbirds flock around your yard, taking sips from the sweet nectar and filling it with color and life.


Grasses are great for attracting hummingbirds. They provide a natural food source and they can offer a nice nesting spot too. Grasses also look beautiful in any garden, adding texture and movement to the landscape.

One of the best grasses for hummingbird gardens is switchgrass. Switchgrass has an upright growth habit and can reach up to four feet high. It produces airy clusters of small flowers that attract tons of little hummingbirds during the spring and summer months. The flowers turn shades of purple and gold when they mature and this adds even more color to your garden!

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Finally, fountain grass is another great option for attracting hummingbirds. This low-maintenance grass grows quickly and adds wonderful texture to your garden with its arching foliage. Fountain grass produces bright purple flowers that tend to stay on the plant longer than most other grasses, making it an attractive choice for hummingbird lovers!


After discussing the various types of grasses that can be planted in an outdoor garden to attract hummingbirds, let’s consider herbs.

Herbs are a great choice for gardens because they’re both beautiful and functional. Many herbs have delicate fragrances that will draw hummingbirds to your garden. They also provide nectar that the birds need for food, making them even more attractive.

Some of the best herbs for attracting hummingbirds include bee balm, catnip, fennel, lavender, oregano, sage, and thyme. All of these plants have sweet-smelling flowers with plenty of nectar and many of them are perennial plants which means they’ll come back every year. You can also grow annual herb varieties such as basil and dill if you’d prefer to switch up your garden each year.

Herbs are easy to care for and they don’t require much maintenance once they’re established in your outdoor garden. They can tolerate most soil types and thrive in sunny or partially shaded areas so you won’t have to worry about finding just the right spot for them.

Plus, growing herbs is a fun way to add color and fragrance to your garden while also providing a food source for hummingbirds!


Vines are a great way to bring hummingbirds into your garden.

Trumpet honeysuckle is one of the best choices because it has bright red flowers that really stand out. Not only that, but it grows quickly and is easy to care for. It’s also deer resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them eating it!

Another great option for attracting hummingbirds is coral honeysuckle. It produces a lot of nectar and the flowers look like little bells that come in shades of red and orange. This vine will also attract butterflies and other pollinators, making it a great addition to any garden.

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Scarlet runner beans are also good for drawing in hummingbirds. They produce beautiful red or pink flowers and their leaves can be used as a natural mulch. Plus, they’re an edible plant, so you can enjoy their pods too!

Adding these vines to your outdoor space will not only bring in the birds but add beauty and interest as well.


Vines are a great way to attract hummingbirds to your garden, but they aren’t the only option.

Perennials are another great choice for adding some color and excitement to your outdoor haven.

Perennials come back year after year and can be found in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Some popular choices for attracting hummingbirds include bee balm, purple coneflower, columbine, butterfly bush, and black-eyed Susan.

Bee balm is an attractive flower with bright red blooms that hummingbirds love to drink from.

It’s also easy to maintain since it doesn’t need much pruning or care.

Purple coneflower is a tall perennial with an eye-catching purple hue that draws hummingbirds in from far away.

Columbine is another popular choice that features delicate clusters of small flowers in shades of white and pink.

Butterfly bush has vibrant blooms ranging from white to bright pink which hummingbirds find irresistible.

Lastly, black-eyed Susan provides beautiful yellow blooms that contrast nicely with other flowers in the garden.

Including perennials in your garden can create a stunning display of colors that will both captivate you and attract hummingbirds.

When selecting perennials for your garden, make sure they are native species so they can thrive without requiring additional care or maintenance!


I hope this article gave you ideas for the best outdoor garden plants to attract hummingbirds. I’m sure it will make your garden look beautiful and inviting.

You can’t go wrong with flowering shrubs, trees, bushes, grasses, herbs, vines and perennials. They’ll all bring life to your garden and provide a safe haven for hummingbirds. Plus, they’re easy to maintain.

All you have to do is water them occasionally and prune them when needed. So why wait? Start planting those flowers now!